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Yuvraj 🧢
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Yuvraj 🧢

Hi, I am Yuvraj 🧢, A Generalist situated in the scenic Dhauladhar Mountain Range ⛰️ of India 🤟 🇮🇳.

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“I might not remember the complexity of the radix sort algorithm, but I’m quite good in searching for it. All I learn this way then I use in my projects ... I ❤️ open source”

In brief, I'm a engineer with a crash course in infrastructure, particularly in ML infrastructure. Proficient in discussing topics such as REST, RPC, Infrastructure, Biotech Infrastructure, GPU, ML Pipeline, MLOps, Monorepo, Data Structures, and System Design. I'm a polyglot engineer skilled in coding with GO, JS (TS, ReactJS, and NodeJS), and Python (FastAPI). I prefer alternatives like Cue over Bash/YAML/JSON

My approach involves thinking with a reconciliation loop mindset, extending from Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to ML Pipelines. I'm deeply passionate about Open Source and have actively contributed to various projects,including well-known project I contributed is Flyte and Kyverno.

Fan Facts:

  • Building The SaaS Company, Goal is to achive a sustainable ARR from Dharamshala.
  • Not a LeetCode Engineer, I just learn things hard way, Self Taught 😊 (This remind me about "Good Will Hunting")
  • Recently i shiped a SAAS product datasherlock to showcase my capbility to ship fast(2 week for MVP) and can own entire stack.
  • Currently, 2024 feels like a break because in the last 3 years, I haven't had much quality time during weekends and festivals. I aim to reconnect with a few friends and family members.
  • Learning Money/Tax hard way.
  • Learning Sales/Marketing/Product, Super pumped about startups and platform.
  • An engineer with hands-on experience in startup hyper-growth, providing valuable learning. While startups may not always offer substantial financial rewards, they provide a unique chance to work on projects that may be unavailable elsewhere.
  • A hardworking engineer who prioritizes efficiency over a conventional work-life balance. Being single, I'm prepared to accelerate your project at lightning speed. Test my capabilities with an assignment.
  • A frontend enthusiast still in the early stages of their career but committed to rapidly gaining competitive skills in the market. (I follow the Peter Thiel belief: Competition is for losers.)
  • An engineer proficient in writing data pipelines and controllers, ready to assist with your specific needs.
  • An Engineer available in the US Timezone if needed – not a problem. I am 🦇 Batmen!
  • A suitable engineer for LLM-based startups, as I firmly believe that, whether you realize it or not, your company is fundamentally an infrastructure company.
  • A compatible choice for early-stage Biotech startups, equipped with a solid understanding of the infrastructure requirements essential for the work
  • I'm not motivated by mere 30% hikes; I strive for 10X growth. I approach challenges with the mindset of a venture capitalist, investing my efforts and resources in startups with the potential for significant returns. I operate with the agility of a ninja, prioritizing impact over a conventional notion of work-life balance.
  • I have a profound comprehension of platforms that surpasses the typical engineer's expertise. Designing them correctly is paramount. My insights are cultivated from in-depth case studies of renowned companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Uber/Lyft, Spotify, Airbnb, and Apple. Unlike traditional marketers who focus primarily on SEO, my discussions revolve around concepts like network effects and virality, Multi Sided Platform models for B2C/B2B.
  • Crypto believer. I don't trade, I don't trust; I just HODL(BTC, ETH). I am not a investor, I just loved the idea of Anti Govt. Not actively involved in the developer community, but I love to chat about the future or may be next scam 🤣.

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